Nutra-Glo™ is a line of animal health supplements, designed to improve the actual health, body condition and performance of all livestock, pet and show animals. Unique in it’s design, the product is extremely effective and economical to feed. It is a 3-in-1 supplement that improves digestion, improves the immune system, and helps to supply the nutritional needs essential for optimal animal health, and production.
The product comes in liquid form and may be top-dressed, mixed into complete feeds or given orally. It is safe and recommended for animals in all ages and stages of life.
While new to much of the world, this product has become a standard and the 1st Choice Supplement of Horse Owners, Dairy Farmers, Veal & Poultry Producers and Deer & Dog Breeders across the Mid-West and much of the Eastern United States... it improves hair coat, hoof quality and body condition as well as reproductive health, growth rates and other production parameters.


For an adult underweight horse would i split the 8-10ml dose per day per feeding? like 4-5mls per feeding?

Is this product Ok for animals with liver issues. Can this product harm an animal with liver issues? Anyone had any issues with this product. Just being cautious with something new.

This is the Best of Best I ❤ this product never seen nothing work like it before I live

We love this product and give it to our breeding dogs for exceptional health! Recently we had a litter of 4 day old puppies who contracted Parvovirus. With a bleak report from those in the vet field, we decided to give it a try even though the expectation was we would loose the litter. Along with heavy doses of IV's we gave them several drops of Nutra-glo every 2 hours. When we started this we saw a noticeable improvement! ( i realize we gave way more than the recommended dosage so do this at your own risk!!) We were amazed and impressed to only have lost 1 of the 10 puppies!!!!! We give Nutra-glo a high-five for a GREAT product!!!!!

How do you feed this to wild deer

Hello, I'm just curious about feeding this to my ewes. Would the amount of copper in it interfere with the copper in their mineral?

I have an Appaloosa mare I purchased that is underweight and need to get her back where she belongs also a Belgian stud colt I just weaned? My question is do I have to give it to them all the time or once I get them looking good is it ok to stop and just maintain?

You take a vitamin every day why wouldn't you give one to your animals. It makes them healthy so they can fight off any sickness they might get big or small. It's the small things that count with these deer and NutraGlo is one of them. We have got every animal on it even the dog.

How or maybe Will this product be beneficial to a senior dog. I have s 10 year old chocolate lab still active but obvious arthritis. He has also had 4 malignant mast cell tumors removed over the last few years. At present we are clean and happy for now. I’m looking for a product that not a not only addresses senior issued , but gives him the minerals he needs to be strong to fight this cancer that we know will return. If this is not the best product do you have other options or suggestions? Thank you. Denise