Nutra-Glo for Dogs

8oz = 8 mo. supply for 10lb. dog

Nutra-Glo™ for Dogs 8oz

Nutra-Glo for Dogs is a nutritional feed supplement recommended for dogs and puppies in alll ages and stages of life. The product comes in liquid form and may be top-dressed, mixed into all types of dog foods or given orally. It contains a combination of bio-available vitamins and minerals, organic chelates, and probiotic metabolites. It improves the nutritional value of the animal's diet, improves its digestion and improves its microbial health.
From hound dogs, hunting dogs, and farm dogs to house dogs, pets, puppies, and breeding stock, Nutra-Glo™ has proven remarkably beneficial. Dogs love the flavor and nearly 100% of dogs respond with noticably improved body condition and overall health (see testimonials), including...

Hair Coat
Skin Condition
Muscle Tone
Overall Health
Reduced Flatulence
Reduced Shedding
Reproductive Health
Heat Cycles
Conception Rates
Litter Size & Health
Milk Production
And more...
Now Available at Over 500 Locations in the U.S.
Cost Breakdown: 

10lb Dog - Approx. $1 per month (3-4¢/day)
50lb Dog - Approx. $1 per week (14¢/day)

Nutra-Glo™ is intended to be added to the animal's regular diet on a daily basis.

It may be top-dressed, mixed into complete feeds or given orally.

Nutra-Glo™ is easy to use, ready to use and safe to use.

It does not contain any hormones, drugs, live micro-organisms or GMO materials.
Directions for Use: 

1. Shake well before each use.
2. Apply directly to your dog's food at the rate given below.
3. May be top-dressed, mixed with dog foods, or given orally.
4. Apply several drops to your dog's food (dry or moist food) the first day, increasing for 1-3 days, to the rates listed below.

Recommended Dosage

Nutra-Glo™ is compatable with standard vitamin/mineral or probiotic (live microbial) supplements and antibiotics.


Store at room temperature between 40°F (5°C) and 100°F (40°C). Avoid freezing. Do not store in direct sunlight. Keep container sealed when not in use. Keep out of reach of children.

Guaranteed Analysis: 

Each dose of 4 ml (4.3 grams) of the product contains a minimum of the following:

Iron (Fe)
5.2 mg
Copper (Cu)
0.48 mg
Manganese (Mn)
0.80 mg
Zinc (Zn)
5.8 mg
Iodine (I)
0.096 mg
Selenium (Se)
0.018 mg


Vitamin E
4.0 I.U.
Thiamine (Vitamin B1)
0.16 mg
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)
0.40 mg
1.8 mg
Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6)
0.17 mg
Vitamin B12
4 mcg
0.00090 mg

Liquid Lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product, cane molasses, dry kelp, zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate, alpha-tocopheryl acetate, manganese sulfate, copper sulfate, niacin, riboflavin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, thiamine mononitrate, potassium idodite, sodium selenite, vitamin B12 supplement, and biotin.

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How or maybe Will this product be beneficial to a senior dog. I have s 10 year old chocolate lab still active but obvious arthritis. He has also had 4 malignant mast cell tumors removed over the last few years. At present we are clean and happy for now. I’m looking for a product that not a not only addresses senior issued , but gives him the minerals he needs to be strong to fight this cancer that we know will return. If this is not the best product do you have other options or suggestions? Thank you. Denise

We love this product and give it to our breeding dogs for exceptional health! Recently we had a litter of 4 day old puppies who contracted Parvovirus. With a bleak report from those in the vet field, we decided to give it a try even though the expectation was we would loose the litter. Along with heavy doses of IV's we gave them several drops of Nutra-glo every 2 hours. When we started this we saw a noticeable improvement! ( i realize we gave way more than the recommended dosage so do this at your own risk!!) We were amazed and impressed to only have lost 1 of the 10 puppies!!!!! We give Nutra-glo a high-five for a GREAT product!!!!!

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